Submission Policy and  Manuscript and Artwork Guidelines

Given a very limited staff and the
wish to be respond to manuscripts in
a (vaguely) reasonable time, Handprint accepts manuscripts on an e-submission basis only. Submissions should be sent as attachments in a word processing format readily readable on a PC to:

We welcome submissions of manuscripts of qualityfor works ranging from board books to middle grade fiction. Should you wish to submit a novel, we ask you to first query our interest on the subject and submit an up-to-7,500 word sample.

Because we have a very small staff, and are juggling too may balls at any given time, we regret to say that our response time as of early summer 2007 is three months or more.   We understand that waiting for a decision  for an undue length of time, especially when submitting on an exclusive basis, is an onerours imposition.  We thus encourage you to submit on a multiple basis - just indicate this in your cover e-missive.  

Artists and illustrators are encouraged to submit jpg’s  or pdf's of their work (Please keep the total submission to 1.5MB or less). And of course, feel free to provide a link to websites containing your illustrations.

While we may not be able respond or comment on individual submissions of art, we do keep a avery active electronic archive of submitted artwork and links and review these when we're looking for a particular illustration style to match a particular text of project. 

Because of our constraints, individual questions will be answered only very infrequently.   While Handprint hopes to publish only good books, there are some genres less likely to appear on the list–and submission of these is discouraged: series fiction, licensed character (or characters whose primary avatar is meant to be as licenses), “I-Can-Read”- type books, titles intended primarily for mass merchandise outlets.

Please do take the time to amiliarize yourself with the range of Handprint titles on this site before submitting materials.